Stimela means train in Zulu, the name is inspired on the feature of connecting the models to form a treatment train Stimela logo
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Introduction in Stimela

New Simulation Engine

The Stimela Simulation Engine is replaced with a newer version and is up and running again.

Introduction in Stimela

Stimela is an environment for standardised mathematical models of drinking water treatment processes. Stimela is developed by Delft University of Technology, Kiwa and DHV and is especially designed for water quality modelling.

Stimela models of drinking water treatment processes calculate changes of the water quality parameters, such as pH, oxygen concentration, DOC concentration etc., with regard to design values and settings of operational parameters.

Results of a simulation of a dual media filter

All Stimela models are made in a standard format with a standardised handling of the models’ input and output. The standardisation enables the users to connect the models in serial or parallel order with an easy drag and drop action. The output of the first model is the input for the second model, thus simulating a complete drinking water treatment plant, starting with a raw water input block.

The Stimela environment is built within Matlab/Simulink® which is very well suited for mathematical models. Stimela combines a user friendly interface with graphical visualisation of the results, without the necessity for users to learn Matlab® or Simulink®. Stimela can be used for a number of purposes, such as:

  • optimisation of drinking water treatment processes
  • design of drinking water plants
  • education by increasing the insight in the parameters influencing the processes
  • research

Weir aerators and filter

Every year new Stimela models are developed at Delft University of Technology and DHV. In the future this development will continue, leading to an extended set of Stimela models of drinking water treatment processes.

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